One day in: Buenos Aires - Argentina


Today I am gonna write about Buenos Aires, I've been there twice and I love them both because of different reasons.
First time, it was raining the city look so ugly when I checked in in the hotel. Everything looked very grey. So my plan was going to be bed and room service. But the crew wanted to go out for dinner and like always I couldn't say no. They were very nice and since was the last flight of our Captain and we had someone really important on board who send us a car we decided to go. 
When we went out from the hotel, this important person friend with the captain, have send us a private car to take us wherever we wanted. So everybody said: Where do we eat very good steak? And the driver said he would take us to a nice place.
He drove trough the city for proximally 15 min and then we saw a huge line to restaurant door. 
As he told us later the line was more than 2 hours of waiting, but since he was the driver of someone with some connections we waited only 5 min on the car and we got in the restaurant before everybody. (We really felt special with everybody looking at us and asking who we are). 
Inside we had to wait for more than 30 min, we were starving already. Every man ordered a steak with 600 gr and we girls shared 300 gr each. 
It was the best meat I EVER had. Better than the brazilian barbecue, South Africa steak, anything. It was the best meal I ever had (and I am not a really fan of meat), But that one was delicious.
I think the restaurant was celled La cabrera. And it was not very cheap but it is worthy of every cent.
The atmosphere at there was also something that we all liked, like magic, cozy and very familiar.
Second Time, exactly one year later, I went with the crew to the tour. It was bvery nice, this time the city was full of colors and Sun.
My favorite part of the tour was El Caminito. A very beautiful and authentic city, full of bright colors, where the tango was in every corner and you could dance or see someone dancing at any time.
This place was full of tourist, like me, with a big smile on there faces because of the beauty of the city and the warm sun.

If the first time I felt in love with the food this time the city make me feel even more passionate about that place.

Last time I went to there I bought some wine (don't ask me if it was good or bad because I offered it to my grandfather), because one of the pilots said that the wine is very good there so I buy it to my Grandfather.
I bought ''Dolce de leche'' the same sweet that they have in Brazil but I bought it there. Coffee and a few more things that I can't remember now. I just remember both times I spend my all allowance.

Dançar tango na Argentina - Check!

This is the Caminito, I hope you like the post,
See you in the next city


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