One day in : Johannesburg - South Africa


Hello guys I hope I find all you very good,  today I am gonna tell you about Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa that I've been many time and where there is my favorite hotel room in the whole world.  
This picture was taken on my first time in Johannesburg, July 2012 when we went to the zoo of Johannesburg. Not much to do in the city, because is known as a very dangerous city so we just went to the zoo straight away. 
My favorite time in town was in July of this year (2013), when I finally found a nice crew who wanted to go to the Lion Park and I finally went there.  I loved it, it was so cute petting the baby lions. And taking pictures wiI them, and also the baby hienas were very cute. I absolutely love this day. I  liked as well when I saw Cheetahs, my favorite animal, and adult Lions.

In Johannesburg we always go for a meat restaurant called The Meat Co, that has one of the best steaks I ever ate and since is near to the hotel we always end up going there. 
Johannesburg is also a very good place to buy wine, I don't drink red wine, but I always buy a bottle to have at home or to give as a gift when I go home. 

Shopping related: 
From Johannesburg (or any South Africa destination) you have to buy one product that is cheaper there then the rest of the places and is very good for your skin. Is called Bio-oil 

Bio-oil : ''specialist skincare for: Scars, Stretch Marks, Uneven Skin Tone, Ageing skin and dehydrated skin''

I hope you guys liked, see you soon in the next city 


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