One day in : Washington DC - USA


Hello guys, I just came back today from my second flight to USA. I was in Washington DC for more and less 24 hours (it is the time we usually have in a layover) and I absolutely love it. And more than anything I love the fact that in this week I was in Perth, Australia and Washington DC, two very extremes of the world.

Related to Washington it was a lovely trip. After we arrived from Dubai to the airport of IAD, we went to the hotel and in one hour we were all ready to go out and we decided all to go visit the city. The bus from the hotel took us to a metro station called Dunn Loring and then we took the metro for 4,5 USD until downtown (called Smithsónian metro station).
We first were in Independence Ave next to Capitol Building, and then we saw World War II memorial, Vietnam Vets Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, reflection pool, Washington Monument and last but not least we saw the White House from really really far away.

After this and because we were super tired from the 16 hours of work, we went to the mall called Tysons Corner Center  and we ate and make some shopping. Here I went to McDonald's (I had to try it from US) and it was the best so far. After eating me and a girl from Paraguay went shopping, make up in Sephora or Macy's, bath&body works delicious products, jeans, more make up. And then after shopping, around 8 pm we went to the hotel to rest until the other day when we had to leave Washington. I will let you some pictures of what I bought and what I received as a gift from Sephora at the end of the post.
I really loved there, it was a little bit like Perth, very green, blue sky, peaceful and a very calm place. Different from the places I am used to see.

Last but not least my shopping I would say of the month but since I have LA flight in my birthday is better if I don't say it. 

I went to: Sephora, Bath and Body works and Macy's

At Sephora I got: 
* One set of makeup brushes in purple (that was suppose to cost 38dolares in sales and it costed me 12 dollars and I really need to have one set at home the other one in my bad)
* One blush bella bamba from benefit (I LOVE Benefit products) and mine is gone so I just bought it. 
* One tube of due adhesives (for my first try with the fake lashes)
* And one brush for mineral powder no. 45

And because my birthday is almost there they gave me a beautiful gift: A benefit pack with a Mascara and champagne sheer highlighter (they're Real and watt's up!). And a few perfume samples. 

At Macy's I bought:
* One conforting cream cleanser from Clinique - mine was almost over and since I have to use makeup every day for the flight I need to use some good products, and this is really good.
* One Moisture surge extends thirst relief - But I have to buy the 3 steps cleaning swell because I like this but on his own is not as good as with the 3 steps from Clinique. 

* I bought 3 different anti bacterial hand gel - you REALLY need this in a plane!!!
* A pluggable home fragrance diffuser - to connect to th electricity 
* And the 3 recharges for the diffuser : 2 different cinnamon and one lemon essence  

And that's it, I came from US as usually very happy and full of new stuff to make my life prettier and smelling better :D

I hope you like my trip and my shopping, 
see you in the next destination… 


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