One day in : Hong Kong

Hello guys, 
As any of my close friends know, Hong Kong is my favorite city in the world and after Porto in Portugal or Rio de Janeiro in Brasil, is my favorite destination in the globe. 
So again I was lucky enough to get it in my schedule and went there, my fourth time. 8 hours flight between Dubai and Hong Kong and I was finally in that amazing city, Hong Kong. 
First time I have been there, I left the hotel, at night time, and I thought it was day time, with so many lights around everywhere because of the advertisement panels. It took me a while to believe it was actually dark in the sky above all that huge buildings. And here I fall in love for this city for the first time. At the moment I left the hotel for the first time. 
I have never been to New York by that time I went to Hong Kong and this city had everything that I imagined New York would have, but better. There was so many lights and visual stimulus that it is hard to focus in one thing at the time and it has so many people on the street that it is hard to walk without looking that you are in a car race. It is so alive that I couldn't even believe.  But I find it nicer than New York, now that I have been there, because it is Safe.  Those thousand lights are on all the time and no matter what time is it I always feel safe to leave the hotel and do something. 3 am and I can't sleep? I can go to the street and take pics, or find something to eat and  I love this. 

An other thing I love about Hong Kong is the Metro, it is the most easy place on hearth to buy a metro ticket or to go somewhere because if you have a map and you know where you wanna go, the metro tickets machine also have a map and you just have to press on the map, the place you wanna go and put the money and your ticket will come out. 
It is a city where I can be totally independent because of this 2 things, is safe and it has a very simple net of transports. 

There are a million things to do here and I have done a few the 4th times I have been there. 
One of my favorites was to go to DisneyLand Hong Kong. I had never been to a DisneyLand before, so for me that was a very special day trip. I went there with my co-workers by metro, and the metro going to Disney is a special one. I will leave the pics here so you guys can see how lovely it is. I enjoy so much this trip to the Disneyland, it was a very nice and sunny day and I had a lot of fun. 

I have been to one of the local market:   the ladies's market, which is the place where you can find the best deals for bags, and wallets and all the things woman love to see or buy. But here is a tip: be careful if they ask you a 1000 of the local coin, you ask for 100, because they tend to get advantage of us tourists. Depending on you bargain skills you will buy many things or not.

This last time I was in Hong Kong I went to the famous Avenue of Stars, with a colleague (well I think of her as a friend because I flow with her a few times and I really enjoy her company) Cynthia. We arrived to the hotel after the flight around 7 am and slept straight away until the afternoon. Then we decided to go there, again by metro because is so simple and very affordable. We wanted to see the statue of Bruce Lee, although both of us called it Jackie Chan the whole time. We were a bit disappointed weren't we Cynthia ?!? ahaha.  And we both wanted to see the Avenue who honors the celebrities os Hong Kong film industry. 

The Sunset in the Avenue of Stars, along the Victoria Harbour, located in Tsin Cha Tsui it was just priceless. 
We went there was still day light and then after a while the sky started to get dark and all the lights in the buildings in front of us, on Honk Kong's island, where our Hotel was, were on.  It was a wonderful scenario where there was a million lights contouring the buildings and making the city as alive as, it was minutes before, with day time.   
Again I had a very pleasant day, spending time with this lovely girl. 

All my 4 times in Hong Kong I did so many things, I visited Times Square, the fish market and many other things… I also did some shopping, because the prices in Hong Kong are really good and irresistible, specially technology, the Apple Store there is just amazing, it has 2 floors, so imagine how lost you can get there ;). 
Sometimes I feel like exploring the city and going where the tourists don't go, and I end up visiting some really nice places that I don't even know what there name was. 
Metro was everywhere, I had a map and the name of the metro stop next to the hotel , so it was always fun to get lost there. 

I hope you guys like my short, well not so short but I could write 10 more pages about Hong Kong, but I imagine how boring and tiring that would be for you. So If you have any questions let me know with a comment bellow. 




  1. Adorei as fotos! Muito lindas! E Hong Kong parece ser daqueles sítios em que ficamos com uma sensação que tudo é fantástico como vemos nos filmes!

    1. Obrigada Sofia, Hong Kong é mesmo uma cidade fenomenal que vale a pena visitar porque tem tudo ;)
      vou escrever o post em Português brevemente :)
      beijinhos :*

  2. Great post! I've never been to Hong Kong, but now I know that I will visit it someday :) need a picture by that Bruce Lee statue! Beijinhos

    1. Thank you very much ! ahahah Stian, yes you need, I will make sure I get your best angle and his ;)
      A must to visit!! beijinhos <3

  3. I have traveled to China but never made it to Hong Kong. Thank you for sharing, I will keep this in mind on my travels.

    1. Thank you for the comment Michael, and for visiting my blog.
      yes Hong Kong is a must, at least once in life ;)

  4. Loving your blogpost! I'm from Hong Kong and I am glad you loved it here:)

    1. Thank you very much Audrey !!! I love Hong Kong is in my top 3 no doubt ! :D
      Xo Xo

  5. Adorei as fotos, e Hong Kong é magnífico, que lindo =)

    1. É mesmo!!! por isso ser das minhas cidades favoritas no mundo ;)

      beijinhos grandes


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