Mafs moves to Norway - I (Oslo)

I - Oslo 

As some of you may know, I recently left Dubai and moved to Norway. I needed a change in my life and I wanted to be with my one and only so I packed everything and came here.
I am gonna write a few episodes about my first days in Norway. 
When I first came to Norway I landed in Oslo. I stayed there with my boyfriend's family, we had a wonderful time and I loved that everything around us was white. Totally different from when I was here in summer and everything was blue or green. There is snow everywhere now. 
I am loving it so far, but there are certain thing we, south europeans, are not use to, like the Ice but I will talk about it in my next post, and how did I manage to deal with it. 

Here I will add some pics of my first day in Norway in winter time, I hope you guys like it. 


I will also say the results of the Christmas give away. The winner was Cátia Barbosa,  Congrats and thanks for following and supporting the blog.



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