After Easter and cinema review

Hello guys, how are you? I am very good, just came home, I had my 3rd class of the Norwegian course today. I am very excited to learn although it is a really hard language for me. 
This Easter Stian and I went to Oppdal, and it was full of snow there. So we spend the week enjoying it with the family.
We made snow trips, grilled sausage in the snow, did snowboard, build ramps to jump (or for the boys to jump, I am not in that point yet :P ) All of this was new for me, and I loved it.  Easter is the same all over in one thing: SWEETS!! we had lots of sweets !!!! It was an amazing family time. 
How about your Easter? did you eat as much sweets as I did? what did you do? 

Btw my little friend on the picture is Armani, a very cute dog who likes join us for snowboard.

I did my first snow man !!! <3 

What I was wearing: 
Jacket: LMNTS
Trousers: Missing link 
Snowboard Boots: Salomon
Red Hat: forever21 

What Stian was wearing : 
T-shirt : Nike
Sun glasses: Ray ban 
Black Hat: H&M


Cinema Time - Fast and Furious 7 

Two day ago me and my boyfriend went to see the FAST AND FURIOUS 7 and after reading about the movie and how it was done, with Paul Walker already missing I must say they have done an amazing work.
The movie is the same kind as the ones before, a lot of effects, a lot of scenes that could never be real, but I really really enjoy going to the cinema to see it. It is worthy!!! One of my favorite parts was when in the end Vn Diesel say some beautiful words for Paul. Every lady in the room had some tears coming on that moment.

I hope you guys go watch it and then let me know what you thought of it.
kisses and hugs



  1. Lovely pictures! It looks that you have a lot of fun

  2. My sweets consisted of tons of fruit! lol but that's ok. It looks like you guys had a blast and I agree these are beautiful pictures!

    1. Thank you very much!! We had an amazing time !!!
      We usually have a tons of fruits too but on Easter we are allowed to have a lot of sweets hehehe
      xo xo


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